Individual Program Coaching

Black Anvil isn’t an “online program”. There are lots of those, and many of them are good. What they are missing, however, is actual dialogue between coaches and athletes, specific instructions on how to execute a piece of work, a training session or a training cycle. There’s programming, but no teaching or leadership.

Or the core programming is good, but it lacks application to individual athletes. It may help people, it may not.

Or  there are massive amounts of anonymous people following whatever programming is trendy at the time. There are people, but no community.

I want to solve those problems with Black Anvil.  I want to provide coaching and programming while cultivating a small, close group of athletes. I don’t want to coach 5000 people, I want to coach 50. I don’t want “too many”,  I want a tribe.

The Nitty Gritty

The goal of Black Anvil is to offer programming, coaching and community at a sustainable cost.

I pay the cost for the Fitbot coaching platform (it’s web-based, but there’s an app coming), so there’s no cost to you. Once you subscribe, I will send you  an invite and you’re in.

Coaching is $75 for four weeks. This includes programming, dialogue between us, video analysis, etc. etc. Some coaches will say “I allow one e-mail a week” and that is the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard. I’ll definitely respond to e-mails, texts and messages within 24 hours, but 99% of the time my replies will be sooner than that. Good execution of the programming is just as important as the programming, so the back and forth between us is where the magic happens.

As the program runs and I get to know you as an athlete through our conversations, the videos you send, the notes we take, the benchmarks we test, seeing you work out, etc. I can start to prescribe further individual work if we feel that’s necessary (skill work, extra aerobic work, etc.). This additional individual work would increase the cost of the coaching.


If this all sounds awesome to you, you can subscribe by following this link.  If you have any questions, contact me at