Hardcore Casual


I’ve run into a surprising amount of athletes who are punting on success outside the gym in the name of inside the gym achievement.

But if you consider yourself to be hardcore casual, you know that those things don’t need to be mutually exclusive because you’re willing to redefine what “success” is to make both work.

“I’m going to make it to the Games” might become “I’m going to make it to Regionals.”
“I train four hours a day” might become “I train one or two hours a day.”
“I sacrifice health for performance” might become “I sacrifice performance for health.”

The hardcore casual isn’t settling or lazy when they make this choice – they’re being responsible. They’re choosing a healthy, well-balanced life that is in line with the things that they value. They understand that family and work and fitness are all necessary and require a substantial amount of time, effort, and energy to be successful.

Are there athletes who sacrifice family, friends, work, and education so that they can pursue athletic achievement? Yes, and that could be the right choice for them.

But the hardcore casual knows themselves and understands that they aren’t that person – their values are different and they are able to make decisions that honor those values.

Examine yourself and what you value.

You can be hardcore or you can be casual…or you can be both.


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