Hardcore Casual, part ii

DSCF1252What I want to do with Black Anvil is to give “us” a name. To bring together a large group of like-minded people that approach training and life with the same philosophy.

A semi-popular fitness tracking app spams itself on Facebook streams using the tagline, “You’re not an athlete one hour a day. You’re an athlete 24 hours a day.”

This is not us.

When we train, we’re athletes. Fitness takes work, and we work hard. The choices we make outside the gym support what we do inside the gym. But the hours we’re not in the gym, we’re husbands, wives, moms, dads, employees, employers, students and teachers because that is what is needed.

We will stay up with sick children because that is what is needed, regardless of how it will affect the next day’s workout. We work hard at our jobs despite the possible effect on our training sessions because that is what is necessary.  We need success in training and success in life and those things can go hand in hand if we seek to make the time we have the most effective for whatever we’re doing.

Hardcore – Working hard, taking training seriously while dedicating the time, energy, effort and attention necessary to be successful
Casual – Having fun is awesome, plans might change or things may not goes as planned because other things took priority (and that’s OK)

If someone doesn’t make the same decision we do, that doesn’t make us “right” and them “wrong”.

But the paradigm of CrossFitters being either “competitors” or “non-competitors” needs to shift and people that love training and dedicate time, effort, energy, and attention to being the best they can be while at the same time balancing their lives by working equally as hard at their work, education, family, and relationships need to feel like it’s OK to take training seriously when needed and not as seriously when necessary.

We are the hardcore casual.



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