On social media, it probably seems like we do a lot of sandbag, sled, and yoke work. And we do, because in the CrossFit world “a lot” when it comes to using these tools means “consistently” and “more than never”. In our current training split, these implements show themselves twice a week, about even with dumbbell, barbell, and bodyweight work. 

Project Warhorse is deliberately not competitive CrossFit programming. It’s GPP. That doesn’t mean that it won’t help people be competitive (it does and our athletes are proving it) it just means the programming doesn’t get caught up in trends in trying to define what CrossFit is. 

For a long time, CrossFit the trend was to define it as “barbell movements” and so masses of people snatched, cleaned, and jerked every single day of the week because they believed that was what defined the sport. This was dumb. 

This year the pendulum is swinging towards the “dumbbell and odd object” definition, which is good as a course correction, but dumb if it swings too far. 

Project Warhorse sits right in the middle. What does everyone need? Strength, aerobic capacity, and high intensity efforts – all in balance with each other, in the dosage required to progress, with an emphasis on movements commonly found in life outside the gym. 

Instead of trying to guess what “this year’s CrossFit will be”, we should just focus on what fitness is, and do that.

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