Chances are the programming you’re following goes through cycles. One of those cycles might be hypertrophy focused – gaining muscle. 

The problem I see is that sometimes these cycles simply aren’t long enough to do what they say they’re doing – gaining muscle mass to make an appreciable difference in performance. A typical “go-to” cycle length would be four to six weeks. The problem here is that the progress during this short amount of time is going to be primarily neurological. You are getting stronger, but not because you’re gaining muscle mass, but because your nervous system is adapting to the stress and learning how to perform the movements more efficiently and with more force. This is ok, but these kind of adaptations are more likely to evaporate when you move onto the next cycle, especially if it’s centered around conditioning. 

Commit. Especially if strength is a weakness. Go three months or more to be sure that you’re creating more muscle tissue that will create more force, leading to more strength.

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