Pros and Cons

Project Warhorse is designed for people we’ve dubbed “the hardcore casual” – athletes who want more/more serious training than a typical class but also have primary goals other than becoming an elite level CrossFit athlete. Gaining strength, creating muscle, building an engine all while incorporating strongman, bodybuilding, and aerobic work into the constantly varied fitness bubble. ~There are some negatives of this philosophy of programming. “Serious athletes” are willing to throw a lot of money at coaches if they think it will help them make Regionals/the Games/win. Telling a group of people with a lot of money and competitive aspirations that we will snatch and clean and jerk once or twice a week, do bicep curls, only start kipping movements two or three months out from the Open, and do a crap ton of work where I tell you “DON’T GO AS HARD AS YOU CAN” isn’t a good way to make the most money in the soonest amount of time. 

Having two Bro Sesh days, four aerobic days, a “strongman” day and majority of the training year to be dedicated to build strength and aerobic capacity “isn’t CrossFit”. 

But there are gigantic pros. I love the training. I’m ten weeks into Project Warhorse, and there hasn’t been a day where I’ve been like “yeah, no part of me wants to do this.” Numbers that should be going up are going up, and number that should be going down are going down. I don’t hurt in a way that makes me question whether my training is good for my long term health. When I have to hit something disgusting and hard, I have the mental and physical energy to do it. 

Above all it seems that I’ve fallen in with a pretty awesome group of like-minded people. People that are serious about their training…but not too serious. We talk about getting bicep veins…a lot. So. Many. Donuts. On a weirdly regular basis, I have people that are giving me their money for programming say things like, “How I can help you more?” Crazy. I get texts from people about how they love the work and that makes me feel like running into burning houses to save cats, and I hate cats. 

It’s a cool thing, this fitness + people.

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