Hundreds of movements in infinite combinations of reps, times, intensities, variations, loads, HOLY CRAP SO MUCH OF THE FITNESS THINGS. If you haven’t created a neat little machine called “a system” that gobbles up all of this chaotic STUFF, organizes it, and churns out improved fitness, YOU. ARE. SCREWED.

My system goes something like this: movement pattern – energy systems – transferability. Those little hyphens between the three words holding them together? Those are called “Have Fun and Do Awesome Things”. I do or don’t do things in my programming because my system tells me what to do. I choose movements, combine them with other movements, organize them into a week and then into a six week block and then into a year because my system says “do this”. There’s play involved and a lot of creativity, but the system keeps us on track. 

If you’re writing or choosing the programming for your gym, what’s the system you use to make those choices? Where are your people now, where do they need to go, and how are you going to get them there? …or are you just doing stuff? 

If you’re following programming written by a coach, what’s their system? Do you know it AND can you see it in the programming? ….or are you just doing stuff? 

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