Power Hour: Wednesday May 10

5 Rounds –
Empty Yoke walk 100Ft
Kettlebell/dumbbell Farmers walk 100ft
Kettlebell/dumbbell overhead walk
Sled push 100ft

Strength Endurance A:
6 Rounds: 100ft Yoke walk
-Find a moderate weight to start, and build in small jump as the rounds progress. The goal today is to find a heavy weight, but one that can be controlled with balance, tension, and great technique.
*After each round of Yoke Walks, perform 5-7 heavy sandbag squats (sub goblet squats)

Strength Endurance B:
6 Rounds:
You can perform these with farmer’s handles, barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells.
Perform 5 reps with one arm, then 5 reps with the other arm. (Video shows use of straps, don’t use straps). Quality is better than quantity here – if you can solidly raise and lower the bar while maintaining an upright torso the weight is good.
*After each round, perform a max set of push-ups and 10 DB shrugs

Sled Work:
Push the sled 200m.
Rest until recovered
Do it again.
*I’m looking for something that will give a gnarly pump, so think light/moderate load.

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