Yokes, sleds, sandbags, and dumbbells play a large role in Black Anvil’s programming.

Why they play a large role is for some upcoming posts, but the fact that they are there can be a bummer for gym owners that don’t already have these things.

Do not be bummed.

Currently I can run a class of 14 with two yokes, one pair of farmer’s handles, and two sleds. Is it comfortable? No, and depending on the day I will break out our third yoke and third sled. Is it doable? Yes. And worth it.

If you’re an affiliate owner, invest in your affiliate. I’m fortunate enough to program for three affiliates, and all three affiliates have be willing to put some money down on equipment that will help them implement the programming. They see the value it gives to their members, especially for the relatively low cost. 

Is there a cost? Yes. But if you’re going to run a business, run a good business, and a good business is one that communicates to members that it is willing to invest in the people that support its mission.




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