Today I visited my wife’s Kindergarten class for the first time.
We pounded some junk food, read “The Book With No Pictures” so I got to say “butt” in class, and I annihilated them in Gaga ball. 

I actually got started in CrossFit through CrossFit Kids. I got my CFK certification and began implementing CrossFit Kids in my PE classes. The changes I saw, both physical and emotional, was incredible, and so I wrote a probably too long article for the CrossFit Journal called “CrossFit Kids as a Physical Education Curriculum: A Pedagogical Perspective”. I was immensely proud of what I wrote, and it led me to be a team leader on the CFK educator’s committee. I would drive to teacher’s conventions and present my experience and try to persuade other educators to implement CFK in their schools. 

One day, a random dude in Maine who apparently makes his money stealing other people’s stuff and selling it Amazon stumbled upon a resource I used in my classroom – all the CrossFit Kids stuff available for free on the Journal, along with the year long curriculum I wrote for my classes. He copied it and began to sell it on Amazon. 

So I got a call from CrossFit Kids. This was copyright infringement and I was stealing their intellectual property. I told them I had no idea what they were talking about, I wasn’t stupid. They showed me to the link to this bookseller, and I had to explain to them that I wasn’t a bookseller in Maine, and about how the Internet worked. They were pretty serious and convicted about what they thought was happening, and so they believe me. I got the boot. A feature I had in the works was dropped, and I got blacklisted. 

Today was more fun than that. Moving is fun, playing is fun, and taking yourself too seriously is stupid.

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