Hardcore casual PR. 42:21 from beginning of warm-up to end of workout, and probably the shortest workout I’ve done in years.


1. I didn’t earn the right to have longer or harder workout – I got married this past weekend. Four intense, low sleep, low food days gave me less physical capacity to work with. Was it worth it? HECK YES. You could be the guy who enjoys beautiful life events or you could be the guy who packs his chicken into Tupperware, brings it to the reception and goes to bed at 7:30 because he has leg day on Monday. 


The other side of that choice is having the discipline to make necessary accommodations with training load. I may have been able to pull off the 2 hour prescribed session, but I wouldn’t be good for much else the rest of the week because the recovery wouldn’t be there.

 Also dumb. 

2. Sometimes you just don’t have the time because there is something or someone else more important that requires your effort and attention. I did enough in this session that I can say I completed the primary work and will continue to make progress, without having to disregard other more important responsibilities. 

Training win, life win. 




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