7 Week Double-under Progression

For the Google Doc version, click here.

Day 1: Intensity

“Flight Simulator” – 12 minute cap
Double-unders 5…10…15…20…50..45..40..10..5

*You must break after each round and each round must be unbroken

Goal each week is a faster time of completion or to get farther into the simulator before the cap.

Day 2: Consistency
Determine the amount of double-unders you can almost always go unbroken with. That might be two, ten, or twenty, but the priority of this day is perfection, so be conservative.

10 Minutes in Heaven:
Attain double-under Nirvana by performing as many sets as possible of your unbroken minimum in a relaxed and perfect Zen-like state. Example: If your minimum is 10, perform sets of 10 for 10 minutes.

Increase your minimum slightly when you are able to go the full 10 minutes without any misses.

Day 3: Volume

Week 1: Accumulate 100 Double-unders
Week 2: Accumulate 150 Double-unders
Week 3: Accumulate 200 Double-unders
Week 4: Accumulate 250 Double-unders
Week 5: Accumulate 300 Double-unders
Week 6: Accumulate 350 Double-unders
Week 7: Accumulate 300 Double-unders

You can break these reps up however you want. Do them all in one shot, do half before class and half after class, half in the morning and half in the evening, etc. etc. How you split it up doesn’t matter, as long as you leave the day having completed the reps.

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