This week at Black Anvil we officially crossed the 150 athlete mark. It’s crazy to think that a few months ago Black Anvil wasn’t really a thing, and I was working out by myself in a storage room picking up sandbags, doing bodybuilding and strict gymnastic work alongside “CrossFit stuff” simply because it made sense and it was fun.
It didn’t (and doesn’t) make sense that most of online programming isn’t written for most of us. What if you took the priorities most people have – having fun, getting strong, building an engine, preventing injury, and looking jacked – and made those the goals of the programming instead of making it to the Games? What does it mean to be Hardcore Casual?

What if there was programming that was written for the sake of good training instead of trying to improve a placing? What if we reclaimed the GPP roots of CrossFit and made it cool again? What if coming to to gym for an hour or two to enjoy doing terribly hard things that most people would consider to be unattainable was enough?

These are questions I’m still trying to answer, but to think I’ve stumbled upon 150 people who think that answering those the questions the same way I’m trying to is a very, very cool thing. 

Thanks, people. 




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