Dear bros, 

Today we bro’d hard, bros. Why?

1. We can build structure and address imbalances by lifting in different planes, with different grips, and by lifting objects no commonly lifted, and especially those with a greater unilateral stability requirement (dumbbells, yokes, etc.). This will get you stronger faster, build a greater potential for strength, and help prevent injury.

2. Ever have your shoulders burn out in a WOD? This work will help with that. Every get to a point where you just can’t do any more pull-ups? This will help with that, too. People want to talk technique to death, but efficiency is only half of the puzzle – you have to have the muscle behind the technique in order to do the work. Driving a muscle to grow by simply by doing more reps with more weight separated by rest is a powerful tool we neglect in our quest to WOD the crap out of people.

3. These bodybuilding days can be very, very hard if you make them. Find a good balance between weight, feeling the muscle, and intensity and the Bro Sesh Sweet Spot will be yours. 

4. Muscles are cool.

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