It improves your rowing. There’s a thinking floating around that to “build an engine” for CrossFit, you need to run/bike/row/skierg. 

The problem with this thinking is that those things really only improve those things. Is there some carryover? Sure, but that small carryover is really only movement specific. For example, rowing based conditioning will have some carryover to wall ball endurance because they’re similar movement patterns. But it doesn’t wave a magical aerobic wand over your metcons.

If you’re looking to improve your engine (assuming we’re talking about aerobic capacity), you’d be better served performing mixed movement workouts at a low intensity for a long duration. Think about something like a 45 minute chipper that isn’t for time. With something like this not only are you improving conditioning in the appropriate context, but you’re also practicing necessary skills. 

I’m not saying that the monostructural work isn’t beneficial (it is), but if your training time is limited be sure you’re getting the most metabolic bang for your buck.

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