Project Warhorse Equipment

What “out of the ordinary” equipment will I need for Project Warhorse?

Sled with straps for dragging and a 50 foot rope for hand over hand pulls
Sandbags -first choice: Rogue Strongman Sandbags second choice: Strongfit. You can also buy bags from army surplus to save money, but it will be tricky filling them to the appropriate weights.
YokeRogue Y-1 Yoke or show these plans to a welder friend and buy him beer
Farmer’s Walk handles – Rogue or Beast Metals . These also can be easily made by your welder friend
Dumbbells – You don’t need every size dumbbell available – think DB curls, man makers, thrusters, and snatches. Have weights appropriate for those movements on hand. (I am a dude, and my “go-to” weights are 35s, 45s, 60s, 70s, and 100s). Kettlebells can work in certain instances, but will be awkward for others. You can typically find whatever size dumbbell you’ll need at used sporting good stores for around 50 cents/lbs.

Do I need all of this equipment? 

No, if you can’t afford something at the moment, you can sub other movements or skip them. But keep in mind that we’ll be using these pieces of equipment because they are important. You will be using this equipment constantly – I’ve personally tested the first four weeks of the program and there hasn’t been a week where I haven’t used a piece of the equipment listed above, and most of them have been used multiple times each week.

This equipment also provides very specific training that only they can give. Sandbags, farmer’s carries, yokes, and sleds do things that only they can do and allow us to train in a way that directly translates to the outside world, and so these pieces of equipment are being used in the programming not because they’re gimmicky, but because they’re effective.

I understand not being able to drop some cash for equipment, but try to exhaust the cheaper possibilities first before you give up – split the cost with some training partners, buy used, build it yourself/with a friend, try to convince your gym owner to purchase for the gym, etc.

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