FAQs about Project Warhorse and Discounted Sign-up

For details about the philosophy of Project Warhorse, check out these links: 

Project Warhorse: Part I

When does it start?

Project Warhorse will start the week after the conclusion of the Open, Monday April 3rd.

How will I receive the programming? 

Project Warhorse will be delivered using the Train Heroic platform. The app is free to download and free to use.  Within the app you’ll receive the programming, coaching notes, video demos, have the ability to  record your data for progress tracking and analytics, as well as be able to post results to a leaderboard so you can see how the other Warhorses are doing. It is rad. Download it on the App Store.

What equipment will I need? 

See this post. 

How much will Project Warhorse cost? 

There will be two programming options – the full Project Warhorse program, and Project Warhorse: Power Hour.

Note: If you haven’t read my post about being Hardcore Casual, click over and do that first.

Project Warhorse:  You are on the Hardcore side of our Hardcore Casual spectrum. You want to do all the bodybuilding work, pick up all the sandbags and yokes, push and pull the sled until you puke, and build the biggest engine.  YOU WANT TO DO ALL THE FUN FITNESS THINGS. You don’t need someone watching your every move, but you benefit from talking with a coach and hearing their feedback. You also might be a competitive athlete looking for a new way to train. You’re over the double sessions or 3 to 4 hours to 9 hour session philosophy of many competitive fitnessers, but you are looking forward to spending 90 minutes to two hours of focused training per day, five to six days a week.

If the previous paragraph sounds like you, than this your option. Along with programming for 90-120 minute sessions six days a week (five training days + 1 prescribed aerobic/recovery day), you’ll also gain access to both the private Black Anvil Facebook group to connect with the Black Anvil community as well as a separate Project Warhorse private coaching page where most of my group coaching will take place. You will also have the ability to connect with me for coaching via text, e-mail, or Facebook messenger to share videos for analysis.

The cost is $75/month.

Get $15 off your first month of the full Project Warhorse program by signing up before the end of the Open. 

Project Warhorse: Power Hour –  You are on the Casual side of the Hardcore Casual spectrum. You train hard and want fitness to be an important part of your life, but with life/work/kids/etc, training needs to be a predictable hour per day. Or maybe you’re getting older and while you still get into the gym and kill it, you’re looking for a lower volume program that will take less of a toll on muscles and joints (and actually build build and improve them). Or you’re a newer athlete that needs less training time to ensure the quality of work and recovery.

If anything in the previous paragraph sounds like you, Power Hour should be your choice. There will be a dedicated and specific warm-up to get you ready for the work in the shortest amount of time. If you get down to business, each of the five workouts per week will be completed in approximately 60 minutes. You gain access to the private Black Anvil Facebook group to connect with the community.

The cost is $29/month.

Get $9 off your first month of Power Hour by signing up before the end of the Open. 

When you send payment, you’ll get an e-mail response from me within the day confirming that I received it. Then download the Train Heroic app and stay tuned, because the first week will be going up soon so you can familiarize yourself with the app before the programming actually starts.


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