The Known and Knowable

img_3225I think that CrossFit as a sport is great.

What I’m far more intrigued by, however,  is the use of CrossFit as a way to test a training philosophy.

With Dave Castro’s dumbbell post and .Com’s addition of overhead walking dumbbell lunges, people all over the CrossFit-o’-Sphere are frantically buying dumbbells and racing to AMRAP the crap out of this “new movement”. I’m going to risk a broad generalization in saying that most CrossFit gyms don’t have access to a full set of dumbbells, both because of the perceived  cost/benefit of this piece of equipment, and that “dumbbells aren’t CrossFit”.

This shouldn’t be.

If your philosophy gets locked in the box of “train for the thugs you know will be in the Open” or “things we assume CrossFit is” …yeah, the “new” thing is going to freak you out.

But if training is rooted in concept and principle (in this instance,  stability, grip strength in different positions, and unilateral strength and endurance) then this ain’t no thang.

You steal the answer key from the teacher’s desk only to find out she changed it.


You listened in class, learned how to think and what you needed to know, and put it to use. Whatever form the test came in, it didn’t matter.


CrossFit used to be about the Unknown and Unknowable, about preparing people to physically perform tasks that were unexpected. But how many times can we mix and match AMRAPs and For Times with the same movements before it become Known and Knowable…and we become less prepared?

This is the motivation behind Project Warhorse.

The Open, Regionals, and the Games shouldn’t define training – they should be an expression of it.

Training should define training. 

Take all the things the human body can do and can be made to do better…and do those things. That is how we build more prepared humans.

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