Project Warhorse Sample Day

Today’s theme is “single-leg strength”.

Two things about how this day is set-up: 
1) As written, this will give about 2 hours of training. To get one hour of training, you can punt the technique maintenance work and the aerobic conditioning work (you’ll get both of these things in the main work of other days of the training week, this is simply additional volume for people who can handle it – both in performance and time commitment.)


2) One of my favorite ways of getting a lot of specific work in during a short amount of time is to perform a similar movement pattern with decreased loading. If you look at how the main work of this day is setup, you’ve got something like this:

(Yoke) Single-leg: heaviest
(Farmer’s carry) Single-leg: heavy
(Barbell Lunge) Single-leg: Moderately heavy
(sled) Single-leg: “Light” but puke in my mouth

Using a flow like this minimizes warm-up/transition and maximizes work – if you’ve done 6 rounds of a heavy yoke walk, you’re warmed up for farmer’s carry. There’s prescribed lunge mobility during the rest periods of the farmer’s walk to make sure the hips are ready, but that doesn’t add to the total training time. Mentally you’re ready for the next movement – you don’t have to switch gears from strength work to a metcon with a bunch of different movements to another conditioning piece with even more different movements, etc.

Technique maintenance:

Work up to a heavy single clean and jerk (not max)

Yoke Carry:
6 Rounds:
50ft Heavy

Heavy Farmer’s Carry:
6 Rounds:
100ft Moderately Heavy
(Lunge based mobility during rest periods) 

Alternating Barbell reverse lunges:
3×10 (5 each leg)

3 Rounds: 
3 Attempts max Dragon Flag hold
one attempt max weighted GH hold

Sled Push:
6 Rounds:
100Ft Sled 225/155

Aerobic conditioning:
70-80% Effort:
50-40-30-20-10 – Cal Row
10-20-30-40-50 – Cal Assault Bike

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