Project Warhorse: Part 1

I wanted to start Project Warhorse because there seems to be a thing happening.

And I’m selfish.

In the last few months of talking to gym owners, coaches, and athletes, I’ve heard these this:

“We want to train hard and have fun.”

CrossFit is fun. Learning and using many different movements in different ways is awesome. Competing and comparing scores and times and weights can be enjoyable.

But as CrossFit has evolved, it has exposed people to the potential “funness” of other approaches to fitness, and people are curious about experiencing and integrating these approaches into their current training.

People,  along with their WODs and scores and competition,  want to pick up atlas stones and sandbags, carry yokes and do farmer’s walks, push sleds and throw things – simply because being a Strongman or Strongwoman is awesome.

They look at “street workout” videos on YouTube and see STRONG people jacked out of their brains doing strict ring and bar muscleups, planches, levers, and one hundred strict pull-ups (yes, to standard, you douche), and go to the gym and try and CRASH AND BURN…then come back and try again, and try again, and try again because getting better at these strength-based gymnastic movements is…fun.

They try some wacky animal-walk-gymnastic-thing Ido Portal is doing and laugh and smile because it feels weird that something in the gym could feel like…play.

They want to bro out with their bros. Rewind the clocks five years and if someone posted about doing some sets of dumbbell curls after a workout (and how fun it was), within minutes they would see fifteen responses about how “that’s not a functional movement!!!” and how performing “isolation movements” doesn’t elicit the same hormonal response BLAHBLAHBLAH. But today, people are realizing that bodybuilding work is enjoyable, valuable…and really fricking hard.

And looking jacked is cool.

This is the “thing” that’s happening – the sphere of what people want to experience when they step into a CrossFit gym is getting bigger. They want to train hard, see progress, have fun and are very open to doing things that “aren’t CrossFit” simply because they know it will make them better and they’ll have fun doing it. Owners, coaches, and athletes are looking for programming that embraces CrossFit while exposing them regularly to different training philosophies…and programming like that just isn’t out there. And that’s where I hope Project Warhorse steps in.

Also, I’m selfish.

Programming that implements CrossFit, strongman, movement culture, and bodybuilding is programming that I want to do. I want both the results and the experience these different kinds of training provide. For me, Project Warhorse is an opportunity to learn, explore, and enjoy while training very hard on things that I think are inherently fun and beneficial for people, regardless if they’re pursuing competitive performance or a healthier lifestyle. I’ve looked for coaches and gyms offering training like this, and I haven’t found one. It seems like they don’t exist.

Project Warhorse will change that. If you’re a person that wants to push sleds and pick up sandbags, improve strength-based gymnastic skills, learn how to move in new ways, and enjoy a good bro sesh without feeling guilty about wanting to look jacked, then I want you  be part of the Project.

There’s more information on the way, but if you’ve got questions are just want to chat, feel free to send me an e-mail:, or drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram: @blackanviltraining.

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