The Problem with This and This and This and This

Every time you train, you’re giving your body directions to a destination.

I want you to get bigger, so I am doing this.

I want you to get stronger, so I am doing this.

I want you to get more conditioned, so I am doing this.  

I want you to get more skilled, so I am doing this. 

With some skillful navigation (coaching) you can accomplish a couple of these things at the same time.

Maybe “this and this”.

But for the vast majority of people, a “this and this and this and this” approach to training is too many directions. It will never get to where you want to go.

It’s like going to the Grand Canyon with your family. Dad is driving and needs to know where to go. Mom is looking at the map and says,  “Take this exit”. Your sister says, “You can’t go that way, it’s under construction.” Your little brother is looking it up on Google maps and says, “No, take the third exit from this one,  oh wait yeah it’s under construction too, maybe take the next one…no wait…”

Your dad gets super pissed and slams on the brakes because everyone is shouting different instructions at him and mom is starting to cry and your sister is saying under her breath “ihatethisfamilyihatethisfamily” and your little brother says something like, “we should have just gone to camp”.

Vacation is over. No fun, no Grand Canyon.

It’s easy to put together a day of training that had five strength pieces, two skill practice sessions, three WODs, and some “cardio”. It’s even easier to put together a training week with ALL OF THE THINGS I WANT TO DO ALL OF THE THINGS.

Yeah but, the things are different. There’s weightlifting, and gymnastics, and conditioning, and skill work, and….

In your thinking, these things are different. But your body does not give one crap that all this garbage is typed neatly into different categories on a spreadsheet. All it knows is that you’re shouting too many directions, and it slams on the brakes.

Progress is over. No gainz, no Grand Canyon.


i am jack’s nervous and musculoskeletal systems




One thought on “The Problem with This and This and This and This

  1. I golf. Every so often I cross a good golfer. Every good golfer that I have discussed golf with has played a lot of golf at one point in their life. Not one of them became proficient at golf by playing on a league golfing once a week over a course of years. They might be at that point in life where they play infrequently and maintain a respectable level of proficiency but all of them at some point played a lot of golf.


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