People and Process

The gym is the most fulfilling when we accept that it’s a place with people undergoing a process.

Too much process? Sets, reps, programs, results, and technique become more important than people. Community dies because the people don’t feel important. They become unnecessary. A gym with unnecessary people dies now, it dies later, or it languishes in a purgatory of inhuman indifference.

Too much people? Tangible value disappears. There’s no longer a core, foundation, collective reason for people to be there. People are important, but people can get people anywhere. Not every member will be best friends, hang out outside the gym, or even have a good conversation together. But if good training – the tangible value – is there, for that hour or two they can be in the same place for the same reason. If the reason is gone, they will be too.

If you’re athlete, you’re a person + process. If you distill your humanity down to whether or not you’re achieving your goals in the gym, you’re missing out on a fair amount of happiness.

If you’re a coach, they’re people + process. There’s a human being behind that technique.

Acknowledge the person, acknowledge the process.

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