Black Anvil Benchmark: Del Scorcho

Stole this guy from Comptrain because it deserves a name. Generally the scores on the site were in the 14-18 minute range, so use that to inform your approach. 

If you are a weener, you are going to think about all the ways you could pace the first monostructural part of each couplet to try to be more successful with the barbell work. “Hard but not too hard.” And then you will think about how to break up the reps if you need to.”hard but it too hard.” And then you will think about how to fall on the ground after the workout for maximum dramatic effect so everyone in the gym will know how bad this sucked. 

But if you are not a weener, and are ready to grab the hammer and go to work, you will pick a simple plan then 3-2-1 GO. RAIN DOWN FIRE AND DESTRUCTION UPON THE LAND. And then after the last overhead squat you will reject drama, go over to the Assault Bike and do 15 minute zone 1 session to start the recovery process in order to be more prepared for the rest of the week of training. 

Use your brain, but use your brain to destroy this benchmark. Fitness isn’t random, and it shouldn’t require too much thinking, gaming, or strategizing.



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