Rest Day Rambling

-Good recovery practices earn you the right and opportunity to come into the gym and work at a high level of performance. Sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress management. Briefly drop the ball in one of these areas and it might for a short time go unnoticed. Two or more areas, for a length of time? Now the programming has to be adapted because the conditions needed for positive change have degraded, and that is bad. You can’t constantly withdraw without making at least an equal amount of deposits.

-Black Anvil isn’t for competitors, it’s for people who like being in the gym, want to work hard on a plan that makes sense, and who aren’t jackholes. Some competitors fit this description, some don’t. Some people that have no desire to compete ever fit this description, some don’t.

-How many families do you know that are broken, dysfunctional, or oblivious to what’s necessary to stay stable, grow stronger and create beautiful relationships? Just because a community is described as a family doesn’t mean it’s good.

-“Do What _(insert CrossFit Games athlete)” programs are generally stupid.

-Great execution of good programming is better than mediocre execution of great programming.


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