Training Week Sneak Peak

This was Tuesday’s work. I wanted around 40 minute of continuous aerobic work and based on athlete’s results this prescription accomplished that. Finished with some upper body hypertrophy work.

Assault Bike: 5 minutes 30s moderate pace/30s easy pace
30 pushups
25 air squats
20 ring rows
5 Rounds:
2 FRC Shoulder circles each arm
Pullup skill warm-up:
5×3 Hollow/open taps (tight and short
5×5 kipping or butterflyPullups – Rest as needed

THIS NEEDS TO BE AN AEROBIC EFFORT. This is not for time, as you’re trying to keep your heart rate around 80%. It should be a pace where you are able to constantly be moving. Do not smoke your legs, do not crush yourself. Don’t be afraid to slow down.
Warm up to the heaviest power clean weight in today’s workout, then strip the bar and begin.
60 Cal Assault Bike (100 Cals on Schwinn)
3 Rds of Cindy
15 Power Clean and Push jerk 155/105 – drop from overhead, all singles
40 Cal Assault Bike (75 Cals on Schwinn)
3 Rds of Cindy
10 Power clean and push jerk 185/135 – drop from overhead, all singles
20 Cal Assault Bike (100 Schwinn)
3 Rounds of Cindy
5 Power clean and jerks – 225/155 – drop from overhead, all singles
*If you need to scale the power clean, use the prescribed reps to help you ballpark the weight


B) Midline
4 Giant Sets of:
20m HS Walk
7 Bar Muscle ups
*Move through this like a circuit. It’s not for time, but it’s not with prescribed rest between sets. Rest enough that movement is awesome, but not enough to fully recover. Again, keeping things aerobic in effort.

Intermission – 15 minutes – zone 1 or mobilize

C1) Bench Press
10RM, 5%, -10%
*Again, not a true 10RM here. FEEL THE PUMP. You’ll need two bars to superset this with the supinated bent row
C2) Supinated Bent Row
10RM, -5%, -10%
*Big squeeze at the chest. Work the muscle, not the weight.

4 rounds
D1) Tempo pushups – 4 second descent – max reps
D2) Drag curls – max reps

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