Black Anvil Benchmark

Tomorrow, the Black Anvil Benchmark “Identity Theft”.

I used to be a teacher. 5th and 6th grade. My last year of teaching I had a boy who was autistic with fetal alcohol syndrome. His dad was MIA and his mom was homeless, so he lived with his grandparents…and this kid was one of the happiest kids I had in my six years of teaching. Unprovoked “Hi!!” and “you’re awesome!!” all day. He bought me coffee more than I bought me@coffee because he knew I was addicted and he didn’t want me to run out. If it snowed during the school day, as soon as the bell would ring for Class Dismissed, he would run to his locker, put on his snow gear and shovel every sidewalk and walkway around the school. He didn’t like reading because he wasn’t good at it. He didn’t like the stories in our reading books because they didn’t make sense to him. One thing that did make sense was monster trucks. He could name hundreds. He had toy models of all the trucks they had toy models for. His grandpa bought him a gas powered remote controlled truck, and he would drive that thing like he was the master of the world.

So one day we were bombing out on a reading lesson, and I asked him if he had any monster truck magazines. He looked at me like I was stupid, of course he had monster truck magazines. I told him to bring some in and I would teach him how to read the magazines. The next day he brought ten, and we got to work. 

All the Black Anvil Benchmarks will be named after monster trucks. Not because of autism, or fetal alcohol, or homeless parents. 

But just because he would think it was awesome. 

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