Coming Up

For all people
1) BLACK ANVIL T-SHIRTS AND BASEBALL TEES ARE COMING. Check instagram and the blog and then buy some glorious apparel.

2) There will be some rambling and hopefully beneficial knowledges, so be check in on the blog.

3) In honor of the acquisition of an Assault Bike, starting next week I’ll start posting the Air Bike Assault Program, designed to improve your 30 minute max cal test and your aerobic capacity along the way. If you’re not following my programming, it’s possible that this program is able to be layered into your current programming. If you’ve got questions about it, e-mail me at

For individual program coaching people: 

1) We are transitioning back to sport-specific (aka, CrossFit) work. Still with most of the focus on hypertrophy, and then on strength, but with conditioning pieces that will begin to develop the engine. For more on the purpose of hypertrophy work and CrossFit, check out this article by Jacob Tyspkin. He is smart.

2) Regarding the conditioning work – go by feel. The overall training volume is considerably more than it has been the past six weeks, so let that work its magic. If you are being smart and think you can kill something (especially the Black Anvil Benchmark coming up Wednesday) do it. But otherwise play the 80%-90% game for the first couple weeks and let the volume do the work.

3) You should have access to the programming now. If you don’t, send me a message.

For affiliate programming people: 

1) Fitness becomes more balanced for you. Each day has a general theme, because the people coming into your gym are primarily looking for general fitness. Your feedback to me about how things are going is crucial, and I will adjust the programming until we find your sweet spot.


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