Choosing A Bias

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Strength vs. Endurance

All athletes exist on a spectrum, strength vs. endurance.


i made you a visual aid

Some people are naturally stronger than they are enduring. Heavy stuff = YAASSSSSS, anything longer than 8 minutes = NOOOOOOOO. Other people are the opposite. You might lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum where you have a hard time telling where you sit, or completely on one side of my handy visual aid and you know exactly where your wheelhouse is built and where it’s not.

The goal with good programming is to try and keep your strength a strength while improving your weakness. Could I take someone with a 600 pound back squat and make them into a marathoner? Sure, but it would take forever, they would be considerably less strong, and nobody likes running. (Running is important.)

Your weakness may never become a strength, especially if you’re extremely on one end of the spectrum…BUT THAT IS OK, especially in competitive fitness. The goal is to become “good enough” since the sport requirements don’t depend on proficiency in a single quality of fitness.

Strength stays strength, weakness becomes good enough.


Choosing a Bias

Individual program coaching will offer two biases. Which one do you choose? I wanted to make a nifty flow chart but ain’t nobody got time for flow charts.

Strength Bias
You might choose this bias if:

1. Strength is a weakness
2. You are undecided about what bias to choose*
3. You struggle with strict gymnastic movement
4. You are competitive but not that competitive and getting stronger is more important to you
5. You are not competitive and getting stronger is more important to you
6. You want a program that will help you look jacked
*If you’ve been following the strength cycle, the strength bias will help transition you back into sport-specific work. The amount of conditioning work you’ll receive is a definite increase from what we’ve been doing the past six weeks, and so this bias has the best chance of increasing conditioning while improve/not effecting strength gains.

Endurance Bias*
You might choose this bias if:
1. Endurance (conditioning) is a weakness
2. You are close to being strong enough and need to spend some dedicated time improving endurance
3.. You are competitive and improving conditioning is more important to you
4. Are not competitive and improving conditioning is more important to you
5. You want a program that will help decrease bodyweight

If you have questions about what bias to follow, e-mail at or get a hold of me on instagram @blackanviltraining.

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