Affiliate Programming

Black Anvil Affiliate Programming is designed with two principles in mind:

1) Clients should work hard, have fun, and stay healthy

I want athletes doing the hardest work possible over the longest period of time. This is accomplished with workouts that are simple, fun, and intelligently programmed throughout the week and over the course of a year. Not every day is a “destroy yourself and puke your guts out” day – that’s not sustainable over the life of the athlete, it’s sub-optimal for health, and we would miss out on the numerous benefits of low intensity/long duration work.

2) Ease the workload of the coach/owner to increase the quality of service

Running a good business and providing quality coaching is more important to a person’s health than the programming. Most people will improve dramatically with any programming that is progressive, logical, and follows sound principles of training.

But If people don’t want to be in your gym because it’s dirty, poorly run, and poorly coached because an owner is writing programming on top of being an entrepreneur, people won’t stay members and everyone loses. I want to see owners and coaches spend the valuable resources of time, energy, and expertise on the things that only they can do.  I can write your programming, only you can run your business.

In the affiliate programming I’ll provide you with:

Pre-WOD work: Usually an additional strength piece or Skill work – either barbell or gymnastic. This will be able to be accomplished in 30 minute before the regular class starts
Warm-up: I’m a proponent of simple, familiar warm-ups that prep the movements of the day
Strength work: There are few things more motivating or beneficial than getting stronger, so this strength work is a centerpiece of the program
WOD: The hard stuff
Cool-down: Usually 5-10 minute easy assault bike, walk or row. No fancy stuff here, only things that work. Repetitive for efficiency but specifically programmed to encourage compliance.
Post-WOD: Typically skill work or low-intensity endurance work for people looking to increase training volume in a safe, progressive way. Max of 30 minutes after class

You don’t have to use or offer the pre-WOD/post-WOD work. Those sections are simply provided so that you have a resource for the clients who come to you looking for more gym time, want to improve their skills faster, are looking to begin competing, etc. These people are awesome, but I don’t want to saddle you with the responsibility of figuring out what they should do. This work also provides a value-added offering for your gym (“you have the option of more training for your money”) or it could be something that you could charge money for (regular membership – $100/month, pre-wod/post-wod access $150)

Here’s an example day:

Snatch Technique
A.  3×3 Snatch Balance, light
B.  3×3 Tall Snatch, light

5×3 Hang Snatch at 65%

5 Rounds:
5 Burpees
5 Slow Air squats
5 lunges each leg

Back Squat – 5×5 (increase weight each week for three weeks, then go to 5×3)

3 Rounds:
21 Cal Row
15 Burpees over bar
9 Power snatches 115/80

Cool-down: Zone 1 Assault bike half the time it took you to complete the WOD

Post-WOD: Complete 10 legless rope climbs, regular rope climbs, or 15 minutes rope climb skill work.

If you have athletes in the gym who are receiving program coaching from me, the work will be similar but considerably less in training volume and skill demand. This helps you because there are fewer “things” going on in the gym to keep track of so it’s easier to coach/assist/keep track of people, it helps me because the work flow on my end is more efficient, and it  helps the program coaching athletes stay connected to the people they see every day in the gym.

We’ll be using CompTrain as the base programming stream, and I will modify it so it applies to a class setting of people looking for balanced fitness. This is also done so I can spend more time corresponding with you as a coach, helping instruct your gym/clients, etc. The plan is to eventually create programming that 100% Black Anvil.

Program Support

The success of the program depends on our communication – we need to teach and learn from each other in order to provide the best progress and experience for everyone. Tell me what you’re seeing in classes. Ask me questions. Bug me about stuff. Be independent, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ll respond to any message or question within 24 hours, but 99% of the time it will be a considerably shorter wait-time.

The cost of affiliate programming is $150. Click here to sign up.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at

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