Week 5 Day 3

Short little session today. Hitting just the necessary things these last couple days before testing, so don’t get ants in your pants and add a bunch of crap.

Lower Body Prep:
Foot Lacrosse smash
PNF Calf Stretch
Couch Stretch

Front Squat – One set at 97.5% – 1 to 4 reps. You can use this number of rep to get a ballpark estimate of a possible 1RM next week by filling in your data here.

Front Rack Support – Using 105-110% of your projected 1RM. Perform three 10 second front rack supports. Generate as much tension as possible for those 10 seconds.

Strict Handstand Pushups:
3 rounds:
3 minute AMRAP
2 minute rest

Back Extension – unweighted: 3×15-20

20 minutes Zone 1 Assault Bike

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