Monday – Oct 17

Last week of training before testing. Woot. Volume goes down as we’re dwelling in some pretty nasty percentages while trying to set the stage for a successful testing week next week, so do it to it.

Lower Body Prep:
Foot Lacrosse smash
PNF Calf Stretch
Couch Stretch

Back Squat – One set at 97.5% – 1 to 4 reps. You can use this number of rep to get a ballpark estimate of a possible 1RM next week by filling in your data here.

Back Squat walk-outs: Using 105-110% of your projected 1RM, perform three 10 second Back Squat walk outs. SQUEEZE – Generate as much tension as possible for those 10 seconds.

Deadlift – Lighter percentages here to keep the movement fresh for Friday where you’ll be doing the same 97.5% for 1-4 reps as you did for the back squat.
Set 1: 4 reps at 67.5%
Set 2: 4 reps at 70%
Set 3: 4 reps at 72.5%

WOD – For time:
100 DUBS
Cals Assault Bike
Hang power cleans 115/80
Overhead Squats 115/80
Bar facing Burpees
100 DUBS


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