About Week 3

This week you’ll see a considerable decrease in training volume as the intensity relative to your 1RMs increase. Only four hard training days this week, scheduled Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

  1. This helps set the stage for progress throughout the six weeks and ending up with increases you can be proud of.
  2. Week 4 the volume comes back along with the higher percentages, so this week helps prepare you for that.
  3. Injuries suck, so this is a smart move before a knee/back/shoulder issue pops up that makes everybody sad. 

Things you should do:

Annihilate the barbell every time it’s on your back or in your hands. This week sets the tone for your strength games, so kill it. If you walk into the fire afraid to get burned, you’re going to get burned.

Continue to eat a crap ton of food. Chances are you’re slightly weirded out by constantly being hungry. This is normal and good, and simply the beast wanting to be fed. So feed it.

If you have extra time to train, spend it doing mobility/recovery work. Doing the upper body/lower body prep is one of the most important parts of this program, so rededicate yourself to performing them well.

If you have extra time to train, use it to not train as this could be a good opportunity to catch up on things outside the gym. Don’t underestimate how stress outside training affects training.

Continue to do active recovery work on off days. If it’s getting boring, find new ways to move for longer periods of time at a low intensity. Long walks with a weight vest or weighted backpack are a great option that gets you out of the gym and on adventure.

Thing you shouldn’t do:

Plug in extra work.

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