SC Week 2: Day 4

Upper Body Warm-up:
FRC Shoulder Circles (and this)
Lat Pullups
Misfit Shoulder Prep

Muscle-up skill:
Bar Muscle-up Tape drill – 5 sets of 3
Lever Rocks – 5×5

Primary Strength Work:

A) Push Press –
Max reps at 80% 10 rep limit
Rest 3-4 minutes, then

If you completed all ten reps, add 5 pounds and perform 10×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets
If you complete 8-9 reps, perform 8×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets
If you complete 7 reps, perform 5×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets.
If you complete less then 7, perform no sets and lower max by 2.5%

*after each set perform 5 rope pullups, alternate top hand each set. Goal is to get at least chest to bottom hand each rep

B) Hang Snatch High Pull
Set 1: 10 reps  
Set 2: 8 reps (increase)
Set 3: 6 reps (increase)
Set 4: 5 reps (increase)
Set 5: 3 reps (increase)

**After each set, perform submax deficit pushups (regular push-ups, not HSPU), then one arm handstand max hold each arm – going for the overload here, so if you have to use some fingers of the non working arm to keep your balance and get a longer hold, do it. Then go directly into max handstand hold both arms – active trap and shoulder!

C) 5 sets submax reps (leave a couple reps in the tank before failure) ring push-ups with turnout
**submax ring pullups with false grip between sets

D) 4 rounds:
1) max ring support with turnout
2) false grip ring row hold, feet elevated

Secondary aerobic work:
10 minutes: 70-80% MHR
10 DB 25/15 hammer curl to press
15 Cal AirDyne/Assault
Rest 2 minutes
10 minutes cap:
“Flight simulator”
Dubs – 5…10…50…45…
You have to stop between each multiple of 5. Of you mess up, redo that round until you pass.

If your shoulders are gone from the workout, this will be frustrating.

And that is ok.
Leg/hip/low back mobility and foam roll as cool down, tomorrow will be epic. 

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