SC Week 2 Day 2 – Tuesday Sept 27

Upper Body Warm-up:
FRC Shoulder Circles (and this)
Lat Pullups
Face Pulls with band
Deficit Pushups

10 minute Strict Muscle-up: Perform in Set of 1 or 2. Looking to improve a “minimum” here, so avoid failure and going too hard. Aim to slightly increase number of reps compared to last week

A) Strict Press –  Max reps at 80% . 10 rep limit

If you complete all ten reps, perform 10×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets
If you complete 8-9 reps, perform 8×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets
If you complete 7 reps, perform 5×3 with 60 seconds rest between sets.
If you complete less then 7, perform no sets and lower max by 2.5%

*after each set perform 5 rope pullups, alternate top hand each set. Goal is to get at least chest to bottom hand each rep

B) Pronated Power Row (Inbetween a bent row and an upright row. Can cheat, but focus on lats more than arms)

Set 1: 10 reps – Heavier than last week
Set 2: 8 reps (increase)
Set 3: 6 reps (increase)
Set 4: 6 reps (increase)
In between sets, one arm handstand hold (facing wall) – max hold right arm, then max hold left arm. Scale down by facing away from wall. Shoulder should be strong and actively pressing the hand into the ground. If balance is an issues you can do alternating arm lifts instead

C) 4×10 reps Snatch Grip Shrugs  Straps would be good to use here if you have them. Keep arms straight and focus on pulling with the traps, can cheat a bit as long as you can feel the trap working throughout the range of motion
*After each set, max ring pushups

D) Back/Abs: 5 rounds
1) 25 reps banded good morning
2) Perform 2-3 reps of Horizontal Row with Tempo Negatives (false grip), then max Hold with chest touching rings or as close as possible
3) Max l sit on rings, rest 1 minute, then max l-hang. When you lose the L-hang, dead hang from the rings until your grip fails

Secondary Aerobic Work: Zone 2 – 70 –  80% Maximum Heart Rate. Focus on good movement and quality breathing throughout the 30 minutes. 
EMOMx30 – 40s of work, 20s of rest
Minute 1: Burpees
Minute 2: Air Squats
Minute 3: DUBs

One thought on “SC Week 2 Day 2 – Tuesday Sept 27

  1. No MUps- can’t do strict ring
    110# x10, 110# sets, no rope pulls awkward shoulder pain
    PP Row 110-145-165-175. No handstand
    No shrugs, no back/abs
    Increased reps in each round of wod;
    Burpees 7+1 ea round
    Squat 17+2 ea round
    Dubs 30+3 ea round


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