SC: WEEK 2 DAY 1 – Monday Sept 25

Lower Body Prep:
Foot Lacrosse smash|
PNF Calf Stretch
Couch Stretch

Primary Work:
A) Back Squat – Max Effort reps at 80% – DESTROY ALL REPS. If you get to 10 reps, stop.  If you don’t get at least 8 reps, you will need to reduce your working max by 2.5% AND THAT WILL SUCK SO DESTROY ALL 10 REPS.
Rest 4 -5 minutes after completiong then
Add 5 pounds and perform 5×3  with 60 seconds rest between sets

B) Deadlift – 8×3 at 80%
Not TNG Rest 1-2 minutes between sets. BAR SPEED BABY

C) TNG Stiff-legged Deadlift 3×8-
Start 10 pounds heavier than last week and either use the same weight for all sets or increase as you feel able

D) Reverse lunge – 3×8 reps each leg.
-Heavier than last week. Try to replicate the feeling of a squat here – weight over the middle of the foot, lots of tension on the way down, explode on the way up

Back/Abs: 4 rounds – weighted back extension with pause at top (8 reps) then supine weight max hold. Goal is 5+ pounds heavier than last week. Rest 2 minutes between rounds

20 minute z1 assault/airdyne – flush out that junk

2 thoughts on “SC: WEEK 2 DAY 1 – Monday Sept 25

  1. Lower body prep complete
    BS: 305 then 310, I destroyed all the weights
    Deadlift (sumo): 315, weights also destroyed
    Stiff legged deadlift – 235, these were excellent so went 255, 265
    Rev lunges: 155, 175, 185 hate these mothers
    Back abs: used 35 for back extensions, used 45 for supine hold


  2. Back squat – 10@240 (80%)
    – 5×3@245
    Deadlift – 8×3@350 (80%)
    – stiff-leg 3×8@225 (should have gone heavier)
    Reverse lunges – 3×8@95 across


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