SC: Week 1 Day 2, Tuesday Sept 20

Estimated time to complete with warm-up: 75 minutes

Upper Body Warm-up: Perform a few rounds of the first couplet, then proceed to MisFit Shoulder prep
FRC Shoulder Circles (and this)
Lat Pullups
Misfit Shoulder Prep
(FYI I skip the handstand walking because I’m not about that life)

10 minute Strict Muscle-up: Perform in Set of 1 or 2. Looking to improve a “minimum” here, so avoid failure and going too hard. In other words, we want good skill work and to increase the amount of muscleups you can easily do in 10 minutes gradually over time. Be sure to lower in control and completely before going into the next rep or dropping off the rings.

In all supersets, rest 1 minute between movements and 2 minutes between rounds. Weights for B-D should ascend each set. Go by feel, no gratuitous grinding or failing.

A) Strict Press
Set 1: 10 reps @ 50%
Set 2: 10 reps @ 65%
Set 3: 8 reps @ 75%
Set 4: 6 reps @ 77.5%

**Legless Rope Climb – After each set performing rm 1-2 legless rope climbs (sit on the floor to start). Big, long pulls with the arms – reach! No short choppy climbs. Quality not quantity here.

B) Pronated Barbell Row
Set 1: 10 reps
Set 2: 10 reps (increase)
Set 3: 8 reps (increase)
Set 4: 6 reps (increase)
**After each set, perform 5 strict deficit HSPU (note deficit used)

C) Strict DB Press
Set 1: 10 reps
Set 2: 10 reps (increase)
Set 3: 8 reps (increase)
Set 4: 6 reps (increase)
**After each set, perform 5 Strict C2B Pullups (pause with chest touching bar if you need more difficulty)

D) 3 rounds:
1) Single-arm DB row 8-10 reps
2) weighted dips 8-10 reps (pause in bottom and turnout at top, lighter is better than heavier here)

E) Back/Abs: 4 rounds – weighted back extension with pause at top (8-10 reps) then supine weight max hold 

-Use a weight you get get about 10 seconds hold with. Rest 2 minutes between rounds. If you don’t have access to a back extension bench, straight leg DB deadlifts can be a sub for extensions, and weighted situp hold, l-sits, l-hangs, or hollow holds would be a good sub for supine GH hold.  

Note: If you have extra time today to train, use it for recovery work. 20 minute of zone 1 on the assault bike/airdyne, ROMwod, practice the lower body prep work, etc. Don’t do a WOD or add extra upper body work – you’ve got two more upper body days coming this week. 

3 thoughts on “SC: Week 1 Day 2, Tuesday Sept 20

  1. Warm-up: Complete
    Strict Muscleups: 12
    Strict Press; 95, 115, 130, 130, with 2 legless rope climbs after each set
    Pro. BB Row: 135, 145, 155, 165 with 5 def. HSPU off 10lbs plates after each set
    Strict KB press: 44s, 44s, 57s,57s, with 5 c2b pullups after each set
    DB Rows: 100s for all sets, used 35# for ring dips for 8 reps
    Back Extensions: 25lbs for all sets all movements


  2. 65-85-100-105 – no rope climbs weak tried though
    65-85-110-140 – 4/5 HSPU no deficit
    30-35-40-50 – 5 strict C2B honest probably did hit ROM on 1-2 per round
    10min of strict negative MUps -6 total


  3. 18

    A) all work done off 200lbs w/ 1 seated legless rope climb

    B) 135-155-185-205 HSPU sets of 5 unbroken off 45lb plates

    C) 45s-55s-65s-75s with 5 strict C2B

    D) 3×10 at 75lbs and 3×8 with 40lbs

    E) no weight and 45lb plate holds.

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