Part 2 of Cycle 1: The Template

Click here for the template.

**Note: This is our last transition and decompression week, so it won’t exactly follow the template.

A simplified version would be something like this –
Monday – Lower body hypertrophy and bent arm gymnastic work
Tuesday – Aerobic development and straight arm gymnastic work
Wednesday – Snatch or clean and jerk specific work (complex), Interval Weight training, and weighted core work
Thursday – Rest or makeup day
Friday – Snatch or clean and jerk specific work (complex), Upper Body hypertrophy and strength endurance lower body
Saturday – “WOD”, deadlift strength, partner workout with intervals focused on aerobic power (moving fast over a long period of time)

Important points –

1. Because hypertrophy is dependent on increasing volume, the total amount of reps performed on Monday and Friday increases, weight only slightly increases, if at all, to ensure athletes can recover fast enough between sets and movement quality remains adequate. Could you lift more than the prescribed 60-65%? Sure, but don’t. You might be a “I need to go crush myself right nowwwwwww1!11!!” kind of person, but that won’t be sustainable on this program. Let the increase in volume over time work its magic.

2. The bent arm/straight arm gymnastic work not only improves strength and skill, but here it’s also being used as structural “prehab” work – increasing strength at different angles around joints and addressing muscles and movements that aren’t typically addressed in sport-specific training. This also serves as additional upper body hypertrophy work.

3. The interval weight training on Wednesday , even though it is conditioning work, is also designed to encourage muscle growth – moderately heavy load for reps, rest periods in between effort, etc.

4. The snatch and clean and jerk will be addressed through complexes, again to increase hypertrophy. The time under tension required to lift a weight multiple times through multiple positions is excellent for hypertrophy as well as strengthening positions of a lift.

5. The most important work is done during the hour long class. The additional work is done pre-wod and post-wod and geared specifically for competitors as they will need additional training to meet their goals.



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