Drag Strip Minivans

While you may or may not be into drag racing, watching a minivan smoke a Camaro on the strip is amusing because the package doesn’t match the performance. The outside says “soccer practice” while the inside says “zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds”.

When it comes to functional fitness, you will often hear people say, “I train for performance, not for aesthetics.”

And while the intention is good and the comment true, these people can also come across as being pretentious jackholes; Average Joes walk away with the idea that the desire to look jacked/toned/thinner/muscular/whatever is a lesser calling, a dishonorable motivation, or a hidden shame.

Is wanting to perform well better than wanting to look good? Am I vain and self-absorbed if I want to fit into smaller jeans?

If I flex in front of a mirror, does that make me a sinner?

My people, free yourselves. There are many areas in life where we burden ourselves with shame, guilt and self-oppression.

Fitness shouldn’t be one.

I’m going to go on out a limb here and say that most people want to look perform well and look good doing it…and that is ok. 

You want to be strong and look strong. You want to be fit and look fit.

You can want both without feeling guilty about it.

A coach can tell the 45 year old man at the gym with “a little in the middle” that he should think about his deadlift and not his bodyfat, but he’s still going home every night pinching his stomach to check his progress.

A high level competitive athlete comes into the gym and crushes workouts while still performing their daily ritual of an ab check because it’s nice having a six pack.

All this is ok. 

Wanting the package to match the performance isn’t shameful, it’s human.




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