Progress and the Art of Patience

A member asked me this past week about how he could make faster progress.

I told him to just keep coming to the gym.

And while it may seem like a bit of a non-answer, it really is one of the most important answers.

Think about your training, and the list of things that you are trying to improve:

-Sport-Specific work – WODs, competitive elements, etc.

It’s hard enough to make “acceptable” progress in any one of these areas by themselves – ask any weightlifter struggling for a year to add just a few kilos to their total, or the gymnast working for years to master a single movement. But to combine all of these areas into a single sport and then expect even faster progress is a sure-fire way to become disappointed with training, lose the love, halt progress altogether.

The better path is to fall in love with the process, have fun, and to just keep working.

One thought on “Progress and the Art of Patience

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