Training Week Sneak Peek

Here’s our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday training days for this week.

You can see that all three days are variations on interval training. Monday’s work is mostly EMOM – the small amount of reps per minute allow a longer rest period, allowing for heavier weight. There’s also an excellent rhythm and pace to strength work like this, helping keep intensity and focus high throughout.

Tuesday is also an EMOM, but longer continuous durations and higher amount of reps per minute. Also notice the absence of any barbell work. Here we address aerobic power – heart rate remains high and movement remains powerful for a long period of time, movements change each minute to mitigate muscular fatigue.

Wednesday is 20s/20s/20s sprint. Because of the intensity of this work, there is a high rest interval (4 minutes) to allow for the maximum possible power in each following work interval.


Pre-WOD Performance:
Snatch: Work up to a powerful/stable weight (75-85%), and hit 10 singles.
5×3 Deficit Snatch Pull @ 100% (stand on 25s). Pause at above the knee position before you finish each pull. Control the weight to back to the floor each rep.

2 minutes hip circles and super dogs
1 minute Air Squats
1 minute Burpees
1 minute wall squat
2 minutes:
3 Good mornings with bar
3 Back Squats with the bar
3 lunges each leg with the bar

Strength A:  
10 Minutes to warm-up to working weight, then
Back Squat – 3 reps EMOMx7 at 100% of 20RM + 5 pounds. Athletes can 5 more pounds to the bar after starting if the bar is moving well.

Strength B:
8 minutes to warm up to working weight, then
Minute 1: 2 TNG power clean
Minute 2: 3 TNG Jerks
Suggested starting weight is 185/130. Can increase/decrease weight each minute as desired

Cashout: 3 Rounds
A) Max reps archer rows – 8-10 reps each arm
B) Max ring dips (competitors dip low and pause each rep)

Post-WOD Performance:  Athletes choose own reps each round
EMOMx10 – Unbroken Strict deficit HSPU


Pre-WOD Performance:  Athletes choose own reps each round
EMOMx10 – unbroken Muscle-ups – reps should be as perfect as possible

Run 400m, then
6 minute AMRAP
3 Box jump over
2 Goblet reverse lunges (1 each leg)

Minute 1: 15 KBS to the middle of chest 70/53
Minute 2: 200m run (phil’s car and back)
Minute 3: 40 DUBs
Minute 4: 10 Goblet alternating reverse lunges (5 each leg, use KB from min 1)
Minute 5: Rest

Scale reps, weight, and height of box jump to ensure powerful movement throughout the 30 minutes

(Coaches lead this to make sure everyone does it)
2 minutes foam roll Left leg
2 minute foam roll right leg
2 minutes foam roll t-spine
then repeat

Post-WOD Performance:
Priority 1: Choose one hip and one shoulder Mob and perform each for 5 minutes|
then, if desired,
Priority 2: 20 minute AirDyne Fartlek


Pre-WOD Performance:
Clean and jerk: Build to a powerful/stable weight (75-85%) and perform 8 singles.
5×2 Deficit clean pull at 100% – Pause at knee for a 2 count before finishing each pull. Control each rep to the floor

3 minutes:
5 Goblet Squats (light)
5 Pushups
5 push press with bar
2 minute hip circles and super dogs
2 minutes:
5 Goblet Squats (light)
5 Pushups
5 push press with bar

Movement Prep: EMOMx3 – 2 Reps of each movement, performed as fast as possible, rest 3 minutes
WOD:  4 rounds:  
20s – Front squat 115/80
20s – S2OH (push press or push jerk)
20s – Burpees
Rest 4 minutes – this should be spent in active recovery – airdyne, walk around the gym, some kind of mobility

Reps should be performed as fast as possible. No pacing. When in doubt, go lighter. Aim to maintain score each round.

Score is total number of reps across all four rounds.

Fitness: 3 minute supinated hang or L-hang hold
Performance: EMOMx10 – Unbroken Kipping pull-ups – choose own reps each round. Rest after WOD until you feel you can give this a good effort. After the pull-ups, then perform the 3 minute supinated L-hang.

Extremely Optional Post-WOD Performance (I prefer this to be done at Open Gym):   3 Rounds:
A) One-arm dumbbell row – 10 Reps
B) Max weighted GH Raise – light and strict is better than heavy. Lower only to parallel.

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