Training Week Sneak Peek

This workout is a riff on Interval Weight Training, which typically looks something like this:

3 rounds:
A) 8-10 reps of heavy/powerful movement (cleans, front squats, snatches, etc.)
B) Monostructural movement (running, cycling, row, Skierg
then 3 to 5 minutes of rest, followed by another 3 rounds of different movements. Rest another 3-5 minutes and then finish with 3 rounds of a different couplet.

This protocol is great because it keeps the intensity high with the short amount of rounds, the small amount of movements performed back to back, and the rest periods. The rest periods add to the intensity because recovery allows for a higher power/work output when work resumes, putting athletes in a good position to be able to leave the gym thinking “That’s all the work I could do”.

Here I wanted a lot of work, but not “destroy the rest of your day because my muscles are disintegrating” type intensity, so I removed the rest periods. Rounds per couplet were decreased by 1 to keep athletes moving throughout, as well as hold them under 20 minutes.

Pullups were added in couplet 2 as a skill element – rewarding people who are efficient with this movement and punishing the people who love the barbell but avoid improving gymnastics.


Pre-WOD Performance:
Full clean and jerk: Build to a daily minimum. Feeling average? Hit 5-7 singles at or around your daily minimum. Feeling strong? Continue increasing weight in small increments. Stop when form breaks down.

400m run
1 minute air squats
1minute wall squats, then
4 minutes:
4 hang power cleans
4 push jerks
4 front squats
4 ring rows of hollow open bar taps

then, 8-10 minutes to warm-up to working weight jerk/front squat/power clean

WOD:  For Time – 17 minute cap
2 Rounds:
10 Jerks 185/130
400m Run
2 Rounds:
10 Front squat 185/130
25 Pull-ups
2 Rounds:
10 Power cleans 185/130
400m Run

Structural Balance: 3 Rounds – 1 Minute of Work/30s of rest
Deficit Pushups
L-sit on rings, parallettes, or hollow

Post-WOD Performance:
Sled Work – 3 Rounds
Pull backwards two lengths of the gym + Push 1 length (3 total lengths) – Heavy, but keep it fast

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