Training Week Sneak Peek

About a year and a half ago, I introduced “Strength Mondays” at the gym. The programming at that point was very WOD-centered, and I wanted to show the positive carry-over of increased strength, both to fitness seekers and competitors alike.

The practical side of having a day dedicated to strength is that we can cover a lot of different kinds of movements in one day, with enough time to rest and recover between sets without feeling rushed to “get the WOD in” before class is done.

These Mondays improve different qualities of strength as the training year goes on. A rough template looks something like this:
1. Structural Balance/Hypertrophy
2. Absolute Strength
3. Strength endurance

We build a big and balanced foundation for strength, build strength, and then look to be able to use that strength repeatedly. After the strength endurance phase, these Strength Mondays give way to metcons as athletes prepare for the CrossFit Open.

Pre-WOD Performance:
Full Snatch: Build to a daily minimum. This is a weight that you want to be able to hit any day of the week, typically 80%-90%ish. Feeling average? Hit 5-7 singles at or around your daily minimum. Feeling strong? Continue increasing weight in small increments. Stop when form breaks down or when you start missing.
Snatch Complex: 5 attempts to hit a max Barski snatch (3 high-hang full snatches). You cannot drop the bar and you cannot use wrist straps.

Warm-up: 7 Minutes
1 minute Double-unders
1 minute Burpees
3 minutes:
3 Back squats with barbell
3 lunges each leg with barbell
2 minute:
3 Strict presses
3 Good mornings

Strength A: 15 minutes
20 Rep Back Squat – 60% + 40 pounds

Strength B: 15 minutes
A) 10RM Dumbbell/kettlebell ZPress (both arms same time), -5, -10%
B) 10RM Supinated Bent Row, -5%, -10%
When finished with superset, perform a bonus set of z-press, weak arm only

Strength C: 15 minutes
10RM single-leg deadlift, -5%, -10%

Cashout: 3 minute hollow hold

Post-WOD Performance:
2 Rounds:
10 rep max strict barbell press
10 rep max single-arm dumbbell/kettlebell row
Use same weight for both sets, break up second set as needed for quality reps
For time: Accumulate 50 strict HSPU and 50 strict Pull-ups. Break up reps as desired.
If time, accumulate 3 minutes supinated hang

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