Training Week Sneak Peek

Tuesday workouts are typically focused on building aerobic power, capacity, or endurance. Here we have an aerobic endurance piece – note the 30 minute time cap and the prescription to go at 80% effort. If someone had a heart rate monitor, they could use 80% maximum heart rate, but for most people we just ball-park it.

Notice that the pre-wod/post-wod work has an aerobic option – this allows us to get about 90 minutes of continuous aerobic work for our competitors.

The lower intensity longer duration work can be looked at as “not as awesome” as the high intensity pieces, but these days are equally important for health and performance – there are certain physiological adaptations that can only occur around this range. Too high of an intensity and we miss out.

It also preserves some energy for the following day, which is usually a high intensity barbell based couplet or triplet.

Pre-WOD Performance:
Individual work or:  EMOMx15 – 1 Ring Swing + 1 Muscle-up + 1 Ring Swing
15 minutes AirDyne – 80% effort

400m Run, then
5 minutes:
3 Wall squats
3 kettlebell/dumbbell thrusters
3 push-ups
5 ring rows or hollow open tap

Then, 5 minutes to practice dumbell/kettlebell thrusters

WOD :  80% Effort – 30 minute Cap
3 Rounds:
21 dumbbell or kettlebell thrusters 35/25
250M Run (put a cone where our 100m finish line usually is)
3 rounds:
21 Pullups
250m Run
3 Rounds:
21 Ring Pushups (or regular pushups)
250m Run

Scale the distance of the run if needed
Once finished go directly into AirDyne, Row, Flight Simulator, or a combination of the three until the end of the hour. Still at 80% effort

Performance Cash-out:  Individual work, Mobility, or 20 minutes Zone 1 Aerobic

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