Training Week Sneak Peek – 9/16

Pre-WOD Performance:
Full clean and jerk: Build to a daily minimum. Feeling average? Hit 5-7 singles at or around your daily minimum. Feeling strong? Continue increasing weight in small increments. Stop when form breaks down.
5 attempts to hit a max Power clean + push Jerk + hang full clean + split jerk   

5 minutes:
1 Round Burgener
3 Wall Squats
5 Good Mornings
7 minutes – Warm-up to Power snatch and wall-ball weight
Movement Prep: EMOMx3  – 2 reps of each, rest 2 minutes

WOD :   12 minute Cap
20 Wall Balls 30/20
10 Power Snatch 135/95
20 Wall Balls 30/20
10 Power Snatch 135/95
20 Wall Balls 30/20
10 Power Snatch 135/95
20 Wall Balls 30/20

Rest 7 minutes after completion of time cap, then

Structural Balance:
3 minutes strict chin-up ladder, can also use rings or false grip, then
3 minutes max handstand hold – throw in some occasional strict handstand pushups if you need more difficulty, then
3 minutes  supinated grip passive hang.

Fitness Cash-out: None
Performance Cash-out:
3 Sets:
Max GH Raise – Banded glute ham raise. Controlled descent, don’t go below parallel with the floor.
Max L-sit – use parallettes or rings
rest 2 minutes between rounds
6 Rounds: Sled push – low handles down, high handles back. If using the dog sled push low on the handles down, and high on the handles back. Rest until almost recovered between sets. Go heavy, keep moving, down and back should take approximately one minute


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