Training Week Sneak Peek


Here’s a look what Tuesdays will be like throughout the next cycle. We’re still building an aerobic base, but beginning to play around with varying degrees of aerobic intensity.

WOD 1: Medium Intensity Aerobic – Work/Rest intervals – Barbell and gymnastic
WOD 2: Low intensity Aerobic/Active Recovery  – Monostructural
WOD 3: High Intensity piece, for time – 6 – 10 minute

NOTE: In WOD 1 you see some touch and go work with some overhead stability work. This addresses technique and structural improvement in a lower-intensity setting – but is also kinda fun. Most of the time training is “GOGOGO”, so sometimes it’s better to just “HOLD HOLD HOLD”.

Pre-WOD Performance:
Full clean and jerk: Build to a daily minimum. Feeling average? Hit 5-7 singles at or around your daily minimum. Feeling strong? Continue increasing weight in small increments. Stop when form breaks down.
5 attempts to hit a max TNG Power clean + Full clean + Split Jerk  

Warm-up:  17 minutes
1 minutes single-unders
1 minute double-unders (or continue singles)
4 Minutes:
1 Round Burgener + 5 OVHS
5 Ring rows or Hollow Open bar Taps

10 minutes to Practice/warm-up TNG Power Snatch

WOD I:   EMOMx10 – Scale reps and weight as needed – work until the 30-40s mark
Minute 1: 3 TNG Power Snatch 155/105  + 3 Overhead Squat – Must Hold Barbell Overhead Until 30s mark
Minute 2: 10 Pullup (can kip) + 10 strict ring dips or 10 pushups

– 2 minute Intermission –

WOD II:   If You finish before the time cap, rest.
For Time with a 7 minute Cap
Flight Simulator”
5 Unbroken Double-unders
10 Unbroken Double-unders
50 unbroken Double-unders
45 Unbroken Double-unders

-Can scale with single-unders

– 4 Minute Intermission –

WOD III:   For Time with a 10 Minute Cap – Record this score on the whiteboard
5 Rounds:
15 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
15 Burpees

Fitness Cashout: none
Post-WOD Performance:  Individual Work or 20 Minutes AirDyne @ 80%

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