Training Week Sneek Peek

A day from an upcoming structural balance cycle. I’ve noticed some stalled progress, and intesting we’re seeing some glaring left side/right side strength discrepancies. This cycle will feature dumbbell, single arm, and single leg work, as well farmer’s carries, sled work, and focused grip work to try to bring up lagging body parts.


Pre-WOD Performance:
Full Snatch: Build to a daily minimum. Feeling average? Hit 5-7 singles at or around your daily minimum. Feeling strong? Continue increasing weight in small increments. Stop when form breaks down.


Snatch Complex: 5 attempts to hit a max Barski snatch (3 high-hang full snatches). You cannot drop the bar and you cannot use wrist straps.

1 minute Burpees
1 minute Double-unders
1 Minute Burpees
4 minutes:
4 Wall Squats
4 Goblet Squats
4 Straight-leg deadlift with the bar
4 Push Press with Bar

Strength A:
20 Rep Max Back Squat – Use 60% of your 1RM

Strength B: Superset
3 Rounds – Warm-up both movements. Hit a 10RM, then drop -5% for each of the following two sets
A) 10RM supinated bent row, -5%, -10%
B) 10RM strict press, -5%, -10%

Strength C:
5RM Tempo straight leg deadlift  – Lower the bar for a slow four count, explode off the ground, hold the bar at hip with glutes tight for 2, then repeat.

Cashout: 3 minutes Hollow hold

Post-WOD Performance:
Superset: 1 to 2 Warm-up Sets, then hit a max
3 Rounds: Warm-up both movements. Hit a 10RM, then drop -5% for each of the following two sets
a) 10RM Single-arm Dumbbell Row, -5%, -10%
b) 10RM seated one-arm dumbell press, -5%, -10%

After completion of the 3 round superset, perform one more set of max reps on WEAKER SIDE ONLY. Use the weight you used in round three.


Work up to a 1RM max negative only HSPU
Superset  – 3 rounds:
A) Max reps strict handstand pushup
B) Max reps supine ring rows – Emphasize keeping lats tight and pulling from the scapula first, then the arm. Add a slight pause/squeeze at the top of each rep

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