How to Not Almost Win in 3 Easy Steps


Losing sucks. But there are 1.2 billion posts on the internet about how winning is great and how to win, and how you CAN win and reach your dreams puke. So let’s talk about something that sucks worse – almost winning.

There are a bunch of clips like the one above floating around the interwebz, clips of people almost winning. Someone drops a ball before the endzone, takes their hands off the handlebars too soon,

I don’t know what this girl’s deal was. She might have been looking at herself on the big screen, or looking for her time. Regardless of how she f’d up here, her training probably looks something like this:

Run run run run run almost to the end and cool so I’m just gonna slow down a littlllllllllllllle cuz tired kinda and whew good workout lets call it a day instagram

At the finish line, she’s trained herself to think about everything except for the finish line.

Oooo I can see myself on the big screen I think it will look cool if i raise my arms up in the air like thissssssss

And just so we’re clear, almost winning applies to non-competitive athletes because in fitness and performance, everyone is trying to win something. You almost lost the amount of weight you wanted by the chosen date. You almost met your 1RM goal for this cycle. You almost finished a workout faster than you did last time. All of these things are very objective, so there is a winner and a loser.


dom knows

Why is almost winning so terrible? You don’t have any excuses.

People that get obliterated in competition get more reasons for why they didn’t do well. Genetics, jobs, families, LIFE. It doesn’t matter if they’re right, they FEEL like they’re right and that can take some sting out of almost winning.

Almost winning, though… get to blame you. One more rep, one more minute a day, one moment of bad strategy, one less bowl of ice cream. YOU LOST IT FOR YOU.

So, how to not almost win:

1.  Work hard – Work hard. Use your head. Keep it simple.

The last set of a workout, the last minute of a workout – that is the sprint on the beach.

2. Be disciplined – Hold yourself and the people that train with you to a high standard.

P.S. DESTROY PEOPLE THAT FINISH LAZY. Rub their dirty little hooker faces in their suckitude. Do you know what flashes across the face of someone sandbagging the end of workout when they see you busting ass to the buzzer? GUILT. The kind of guilt that will make them better.

3. Be mindful – Don’t panic, get distracted, or tune out. Train with intention.

This focus doesn’t mean be boring, stoic, or the cliche “shut up and train”. Just be focused and act like what you’re doing is important work. Working hard and having fun is when the best training happens – the scale tipping too far each way leads to you either a lack of progress or you being a tool.

Work hard, be disciplined, be mindful.

Or else, this:


awww thats nice

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