Wake Up

I was talking to a member at the gym this week who has been dealing with something that has kept her out of the gym. She’s been frustrated because of inconsistency, with her body not working the way she wants it to, with being held back.

But despite that frustration, she said to me, “I’m back because I’m not going to quit.”

Every single person will face something, maybe many things, that will test their commitment to health: an injury, an illness, family issues, the birth of a child, a job change. EVERYONE. If you haven’t gone through it yet, you will.

I’m back because I’m not going to quit. 

There will be some situation that will test you, that will convince you there are other, less inconvenient options. Or that “this just isn’t your thing”, you’re “not getting results”, you “don’t have time”. It won’t happen right away – the injury will happen, you’ll be in and out of the gym and then vanish. You start skipping workouts because it’s just not your thing, but showing up every once and while – ad poof, you are vapor. You cram a workout in one day because of your dedication, but then reward yourself the next with some time off because of your busy day yesterday.

I’m back because I’m not going to quit. 

Here’s the truth about fitness, health, performance, goals, progress, success, whatever word you want to use; if you don’t work hard for a long time, you won’t get what you want. You won’t run across it at work or find it behind some couch cushions. You can’t scratch it off on a ticket or obtain it by peeling back some wrapping paper. It won’t be sitting next to your phone when you wake up. It’s not on the internet.

I’m back because I’m not going to quit. 

You can’t talk yourself into it. Thinking and talking and wanting is not doing. These actions are smokescreens of inaction, a sleepiness of effort. If you are not working hard and sacrificing something, you are in the middle of a terrible dream of self-deception. You are not getting what you want.

So wake up.


Fitness demands a fair trade – this is not a deal you can walk into and expect a one-way street. Sacrifice is needed. An even exchange. Give of your time, your mind, your effort and there will be rewards. Easing up on the throttle, going back to the terrible dream, or stealing what isn’t deserved with an attitude of apathy and the rewards will be taken away.

We like to live in a dream where all the reasons we shouldn’t do what we should are true.

But here is the actual truth – the farther you’re willing to go and the harder you’re willing to work and the longer you keep working the more you’re going to get.

Wake up and get what you want.

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