Fun/Not Fun: The Aerobic Capacity and Lactate Threshold Edition

Fun: Destroying workouts as fast as possible for 4 to 8 minutes.
Not Fun: Rowing for an hour at 70-80% effort, with a coach constantly telling you to “slow down”.
Fun: Maxing out a snatch/back squat/front squat/deadlift/clean and jerk
Not Fun: Doing intervals on an AirDyne for 45 minutes.
Fun: Lifting weights.
Not Fun: Running.
Fun: Random, hard, fast and short workouts
Not Fun: Progressive, slow workouts that only get longer over time
Fun: Being able to repeatedly produce more work for longer periods of time at higher intensity than your competition.
Not Fun: Being the strongest/fastest person in the gym but not being able to apply that strength outside a 1 rep max.
Fun: Being able to recover better between workouts, whether in a training cycle or a day or multi-day long competition
Not fun: Being obliterated during the first workout of the week or competition day, knowing you have seven more workouts to go.
Fun: Being able to do more work, and improve from that work
Not Fun: Doing more work without improvement or sustaining injury
Fun: Enduring.
Not Fun: Burning out.
Fun: Winning constantly.
Not Fun: Losing consistently.

Two options:
1. Change your attitude about what is “fun” and embrace the things that you hate.
2. Remain unsatisfied in the experience of your training and progress.

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