What You Bring to the Gym: The Good


Hint: You don’t have to buy a $350 backpack for it

What do you bring to the gym?

Some people walk into the gym, throw their keys and wallet down wherever they usually throw them, get on the floor and start warming up.

Some people walk into the gym with three duffle-bags, four pairs of shoes, two protein shakers full of chemicals, a change of clothes, an iPad, a foam roller and seven other mobility tools, a cell-phone charger, and a framed picture of Froning or Camille.

Some people bring more things to the gym than others. But EVERYONE brings something more important than protein shakers or shoes; they bring who they are as an athlete, and that influences the people around them.

High-level athletes: You live, breathe, and die performance. While the amount of fire you’re breathing might intimidate the uninitiated, you also give people a goal to work towards and show them that with hard work and long-term commitment glorious things happen, that the struggle for improvement never ends. You are also biting the heels of other high level competitors to keep them from getting lazy, complacent, or careless. High level athletes should both destroy and build up each other – this is what you need to continue to improve as a person and an athlete.

Aim higher than where you’re at. You are being put to the test. Put your head down, grab the hammer, and go to work.

Mid-level athletes: Welcome to fitness puberty. Improving fitness is a difficult journey for everyone, but you’re feeling awkward and inbetween. Are you a noob? No. There are things that you do that make you think you’re invincible and ready to hang with the Big Dawgs. But then there are other things that DESTROY you and make you weep quietly to yourself at night, because no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get better at ______. Gone are the newbie gainz and constat PRs, and on top of that, you’re never at the top of the leaderboard. Also in the middle, always average.This will be discouraging, but both the high-level athletes and the beginning athletes will look at your attitude and work ethic and be inspired by what they see.

Embrace the struggle. You are being put to the test. Put your head down, grab the hammer, and go to work.

Beginning Athletes:  Cleanpowercleansnatchpowersnatchjerkpowerjerkthrustersdeadliftskettlebellswings….’

Everything is new. Everything is difficult. It’s easy to be frustrated, and even easier to quit. But don’t. The “you” a year, two years, three years from now will thank the “you” of now for sacking up and sticking with it. Better athletes than you need to feel like their hard work is pushing someone else’s hard work, and you serve as a reminder to them as to how far they’ve come. You are the most brave out of the three, because while it’s fun to come into a gym every day and be awesome at everything, it takes courage to come into the gym and be awesome at nothing.

Keep pushing forward. You are being put to the test. Put your head down, grab the hammer, and go to work.

Coming up Wednesday – What You Bring to the Gym: the Bad

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